Feb 25, 2011

Thought I'd share

the internet video of my hubs on the news.

dont worry,
i loved him before he got famous.

click HERE and it'll take you to the fox 2 news website.

hope you have as great of a weekend as we will....
we're going shopping :)

carpe diem

Feb 24, 2011

3 Kidz

no...no, we are not having twins.
but rather i'm referring to my hubby's insides.
he's got 3 kid's in there!
kidneys that is.

for those of you that haven't heard d's kidney story,
(and a refresher course for those that have)
i'm going to share it with you today.
why today?? you ask....
because it's the 2 year anniversary of the transplant!!

so it all began way back in the day when danny was a little 14 yr old lad.
he was playing basketball and took a kidney shot.
the next day he started peeing blood. wowzers!
his dad took him to the doc which told him he had a mild kidney disorder.
nothing to worry about.
very common in teenage boys
and he would grow out of it.
fast forward to his early 20's.
(that's the approximate age he can come up with. horrible memory i tell you!)
he was playing softball
and couldn't see A THING.
so what's a boy to do?
he called the eye doctor because he thought he suddenly needed glasses.
first eye doc said he had a possible detached retina and sent him to a specialist.
nope, no detached retina.
but the doctor decided to take his BP.
it was sky high!
and that stupid doc let him leave his office with his BP 200-something over 100-something
(for those not in the medical field, that WAY too high)
and told him to follow up with his primary care doc about the high BP.
on his 45 min drive home ,
his dad called his uncle who's a paramedic,
who then made danny go straight to the ER with his dad and brother.
he was quickly wisked to a room.
as the nurse rubbed gel on his chest trying to help his heart relax,
she says "hm...i've never seen this not work before."
(always reassuring to hear)
he was then rushed from our little home-town hospital
to the big city of STL by ambulance.
he was then taken straight to the ICU where he found out,
he was in renal failure!
the next day they did a kidney biopsy and was diagnosed with
IGA nephropathy.
also known as Berger's syndrome.
yep, thats right, Berger my maiden name.
it's fate :)
the definition can be found by clicking HERE.
so he was put on a butt load of medicine and told that
he would need a transplant.
this disease is usually slow progessing and most people never need any treatment for it.
he unfortunately had a bad case of it
and would slowly lose kidney function.
we went months/years watching his creatinine level slowly increase
(meaning his function was slowly decreasing)
and in the summer of '07 his function had dropped below 20%
making him eligble to apply to put his name on the list.
see now, not everyone gets to even be ON the list.
you have to like 'try out'.
make sure you don't have any other infections, or other diseases,
and your body is strong enough to go through the surgery.
well my man passed with flying colors!
 and was put on the list.
November 2007.
and a mere 16 months
(average wait is 3-5 YEARS)
Danny got a call.
asking if he could come in and meet with the transplant surgeons the NEXT day.
they didn't tell him over the phone they had a potential kidney,
but just asked us to come.
we had a hunch this was it!
so i took off work and went with him to the apt the next morning.
dr. jendrisak entered the room and asked danny,
"are you busy in 3 weeks?"
"can you be  here on Feb 24th to receive live donor kidney?"
i then about jumped outta my seat and hugged the awkward man!
but i controlled my excitment and danny said,
"i think i can arrange that."

so now i'll explain how danny's transplant worked.
it's unique.
it all began with joel and rich, best friends, living in michigan.
rich had polycystic kidney disease and was in need of a transplant.
his bff joel offered to donate but wasn't a blood match.
so they were traveling to barnes jewish hospital in the stl
because they actually doing 'cross-matching' transplants
unlike any hospital in michigan.
while joel and rich were in the process of getting all necessary tests,
another man named dane was also getting tested to become an anonymous donor.
yes! he was just going to donate an organ to a complete stranger,
we need more dane's in the world
(and joel's)
ok so long story short,
dane was a perfect match to rich
so then the question was presented to joel,
was he willing to now donate his kidney to a stranger that he matched
in order for his bff rich to get dane's kidney?
and thank the good lord above...
he agreed!
and danny got joel's kidney!
dane ---> rich
joel ---> danny
it was the first 'in hospital' kidney swap EVER to happened at barnes jewish hospital!
local celebs.

so that's our his story
and i'm stickin' to it.
i'll leave you with some of the photos i took during the journey.

here's danny and joel meeting for the first time, the day before surgery.
with the wifey's
sitting in the OR, waiting to get called back
talk about anticipation!
all four families meeting in the surgery waiting area.

post surgery in the icu
walking the halls only hrs after surgery.
check out that pee bag!
exactly what kidney tranplanters wanna see
means it's working!
with his boyfriend
getting ready to leave
day 5!

the fab four.
back row donors: dane & joel
front row recipients: rich & danny

so it's time to donate folks.
sign the back of your driver's license.
spread the word.
it seriously saves lives,
like my hubby's  :)

carpe diem

Feb 23, 2011

feb bday

include: corey and haley
only a day apart....minus a couple years.
i won't blab on and on today.
ya, you're welcome.
i'll just let the pics tell the story.

checkout nu-nu doing the surprised face in the background too

oh ya,
stupid human tricks...
this time, somersault it is.
who can do it??

add alittle spin to your life today.

carpe diem

Feb 21, 2011

our kitties

they think they are human.
they think all of p's toys are for them.

did you know they make boppy pillows for pets now?!!?

well they don't.
it's park's pillow,
that i get to wash 8 million times a day
because of their fur all over it.
but how can you not love those adorable little faces :)


carpe diem

Feb 18, 2011


parker started cereal last week.
i was SO excited,
i never even thought about the fact that he might not like it.
come on, he is my kid after all!
well needless to say....he beyond hates it.
like i'm feeding him poison cow poop, hates it.

but we will not give up!
i'll teach him how to really love some food.
oh ya,
i'm also going to attempt and i repeat
to make park some home made food.
i'll let you know how it goes,
and how long i last :)

side note: for those alittle less technologically advanced
not saying names...mom,
but you can click on any of my pictures and
it will open it up in a new window a lot bigger.
just fyi.


carpe diem

Feb 16, 2011


the roll-over.
it's official.
first done on january 10, 2011.

carpe diem

Feb 15, 2011


or lack there of.
we were pretty pumped to say the least
 to supposedly be getting 13 inches of snow.
but surprisingly the weather-folks had it wrong!
first time for everything....i know.
so we only ended up with this:

well despite the disappointment
we still bundled up Parker-man and took him outside,
for approximately 1.34 minutes.
enough time to snap these photos of P's first 'pseudo-blizzard'.
don't worry,
he really enjoyed eating his zipper
and glaring at me the entire time.

so while we were both stuck in the house for 2 days
you would think we would be like total couch potatoes
like...all day.
HA! let me introduce you to my husband.
he lasted about 1 hour into the day
and he was in the basement doing this:

yep, that's right.
 making industrial-sized shelves to organize my tote boxes!
if i ever complain again about how he never sits still,
i take it all back!
i'm very thankful we have him.
love you honey :)

oh ya, and i made some delicious cheese tortellini soup


carpe diem

Feb 11, 2011


makes both my hubby and i extremely happy!!!!
him: the most exciting game of the year...of his favorite sport
me: the last game of the season :)
which means no more fantasy football, pregame, post game,
8 hrs of staring at the laptop and tv simultaneously.

but i must admit,
this year is the most i have ever watched - to date.
and i sorta started to enjoy it.
but don't tell d.

so we had a couple friends over to celebrate the occasion,
and quite an array of snackies.
(gained 10lbs, no biggie)

ah yes, the happy couple
and the soon-to-be newlyweds

P enjoyed himself some football too
i wish they made boppy pillows in adult size.

carpe diem

Feb 10, 2011

4 months

that's just crazy talk.

well since i started this here blog after sweet P was born
so i need to catch ya up on his stats.

0 months: 5lbs 3oz (-10th %)   18in (5th %)
1 month:   7lbs 7oz (5th %)        19.5in (5th%)
2 months: 10lbs 4oz   (10th%)  21in (-5%)       
3 months: 11ish (no dr apt, so nothing official. we don't own a scale)
4 months: 12lbs 9oz (10%)        23in (10%)

slowly but surely he's growing :)
poor little man has me and his daddy as parents,
not the biggest genes to pass on,
but we're probably the coolest so that counts for something, right? 
waiting for the doc....
we have adhd.

here's a couple different monthly photos i've been taking of him.

now this next idea is from a blog that i'm completely addicted to.
of course i'm not creative enough to think of this on my own, what were you thinking!
it's called Under the Sycamore.
i absolutely love her blog!
and now you will too!
you're welcome.

and here's a couple extras
from one of our snow days last week.

p.s. my awesome friend justina got park the cowboys onesie.
i think know it's slightly his dad's favorite.

carpe diem

Feb 9, 2011


yes...for all you worry-warts out there,
i am still alive.
just taken alittle fall off the face of the blog world for a moment.
geez, this kid of mine is like taking up all my time,
which i don't mind  :)
i just have so little time with him during the week,
i can't pry myself away to work on the computer in the evenings.
so i had the genius idea to bring my home computer to work
and in my free time i could edit pics, blog...you know.
well, details details.
there is no wireless internet near by...boo!
come folks, i'm not gonna hack your stuff, i just wanna upload some pics!
so sitting next to me is tons of pics from the last month,
i swear.
i just can't get them from one comp to the other.
so....i will soon-ish upload the photos to the web,
and share them with ya'll.
(which i'm pretty sure is just my parents and d, but whatev)
so if you're in withdrawal from seeing my babe,
hopefully those symptoms will subside soon.

carpe diem