Jan 24, 2012

Hayes Henry

someone finally decided to make his debut
after being induced 2 days after his due date.
and i got to be an aunt for the FOURTH time.
AND i got to stay in the room to take pics!
boo ya!
which was the most amazing experience ever i might add.
so here he is:

Hayes Henry Rogers
January 15th, 2012 at 4:56pm
8lbs 11oz
21 inches long

i'll keep this post g-rated.
no 'graphic' photos you won't wanna see
promise :)
 nana marsha brought reid to the hospital
about half way thru induction
 he brought mommy flowers
and cookies.
 life as you know it as a family of three...
 we spent lots of time in the waiting room
finally getting to business!

i had no idea it's normal for babies to come out
so BLUE.
we all had minor panic attacks
until he started screaming.
 pretty sure his feet are already bigger than P's
and then big brother got to meet him
and then everybody got a turn

carpe diem

Jan 23, 2012


my very first nephew turned SIX last friday.
is that possible??
and we got invited to his skating party!
brings back old memories of skate-a-way
and the toilet lids hanging from the ceiling...
those were the days.

unfortunately we had to leave a little early
do to a conflict in p's nap.
i can't wait until naps don't rule our lives :)

happy birthday bubba!!

carpe diem