Mar 30, 2011


it's a good thing.
it's time.
i'm in the process of changing the blog.
be patient.
i'm slow.

go ahead and be jealous,
my hubby and i have a DATE tomorrow to
opening day!!
double fist pump!

carpe diem

Mar 29, 2011


so this post has absolutely no meaning
deal with it.

parker was feeling silly in his monkey shirt.
mid roll over.
seriously mom,

and 'cousin reid' as he calls himself
watched park for me as i made brownies.

and then got a little treat for being a helper
annnnnnd done.
peace out.

carpe diem

Mar 24, 2011


the first of many to come.
now that our basement is finally finished,
we have enough room to host a little bbq shin-dig.

last weekend we had some of the fam over.
didn't quite go as planned...
 but whatev.
it ended up being too cold to hang out outside.
parker cried/fussed for approximately the entire time.
still no clue why.
he never does that and hasn't since!
the boys' fire went out so our meat was still raw at 8pm.
sounds like fun, huh?
things are different now with kiddos
and you just gotta roll with the punches!

here we are before the breeziness moved us inside.
holding hands.

the bigger boys wrestled on the couch

 and had park hold all their toys at the same time.

and then fought over who got to drive the 4-wheeler
we're making memories....

carpe diem

Mar 23, 2011

sweet p's bed

as you know, my mom watches sweet p and my nephew reid
while we have to work.
 (to work, not my mom. she's kick-a)
so apparently they have created some daily rituals,
and i got to witness one last friday.

when parkey (parkie?) (it's what reid calls him) gets up from his nap,
reid wants to get in his crib with him.
just for a few min.
parkie is so amused and infatuated with reid is presh!

sidenote: yes, reid has shoes on.
yes, we were getting ready to go to target.
yes, i changed the sheets before p's next nap.
ok now that that is off my chest
here you are!

honestly now
does it get any more precious than that?

p.s. check out that flat head.
looking not-so-flat i'd say!


carpe diem

Mar 21, 2011


the humane society.
they're all a bunch of liars!
a month after d and i got married,
i decided we needed to start our family.
we went to our local humane society to rescue a kitten.
they convinced us
well...convinced danny,
that cats do better in pairs
and we should adopt 2 from the same litter.
the same litter.

do these kitties look like they came from the same baby mama?

i don't think so.
but i love them for being different!
thank you hs.

and as much as d won't admit it,
he loves them to.
especially when he and sanders make out on the couch.

carpe diem

Mar 18, 2011

you're a mean one

mr. grinch

p's great grandma gave him this stuffed animal last christmas.
it's his fave.

i tried to get a picture of how he stares so intently at him
and plays with the tuft of hair on top of his head. can see how well that turned out.
the grinch is bigger than he is.
and i can't help but sing the song in my deepest voice when he plays with him.

i swear he isn't always this serious.
just hates my camera.
he will soon realize it isn't going anywhere :)
thanks grandma wood!

p.s. the technology kids have these days is redic.
i mean,
P already has a cell phone!
who's calling you?
better not be a girl!
i'm gonna be the worst  best mother-in-law ever.

carpe diem

Mar 17, 2011

st. pat's day

i may not be irish,
but i sure am lucky.

these two boys make me feel lucky every day.
love you.

happy st. patrick's day!!

carpe diem

Mar 16, 2011

marching on...

to the march b-day party.
you thought i was joking when i said we still celebrated everyone's bday.
ha! you were wrong.

my aunt nan is the only one in the fam born in march,
but dawn couldn't make the feb party so she got tacked on to march!
no one's left out around here.
this was the first time we had the party at my cousin's boyfriend's dad's lake house.
did ya get that?
i didn't get a picture of the house from the outside
but holy moly is this place awesome!
here's a view from the deck overlooking the lake.

if it were up to his dad,
park would be in a gray shirt every day.
chillin' with cousin ashley.
whose boyfriend's dad's house we were at :)

we sang,
we ate,
we played.

cheers to one more year down the hatch ladies!

carpe diem

Mar 10, 2011

i'm the cutest

he stares at my camera
like it's from another planet.
maybe it is?
how will i ever say no to that face...
and those eyes.
they get me everytime!
it's friday!

carpe diem

Mar 8, 2011

FIVE months

151 days!
that's how old my boy is today.
hard to believe.
he gets more fun every day,
if that's possible.
the laughing, talking, screaming,
ok so the screaming isn't so fun.
but he's definately discovered his voice
and screams so loud he scares himself!

i don't have any official stats on P since we don't have a 5month
well baby appointment and don't own a scale.
but he has almost outgrown his 0-3 month clothes.
time for a new wardrobe.
i wish i still grew that much and could get a whole new wardrobe
every couple months.
how sweet would that be!
i don't think dee would go for it.

here are pics from our 5month shoot.
(have no fear, he is finally getting professional pics in may.
i know i've been slacking as a mother)

happy tuesday, ya'll!

carpe diem