Apr 29, 2011


it's been a busy month.
we found the time to wrangle everyone together
to celebrate:
reid's 2nd
my 20-something
and d's 29th!
yep, last year in the twenties babe.

we let reid maggots decide the theme of the day.
and cowboy it was.
he insisted we alllll wear party/cowboy hats
and said for weeks how parker needed a
'itty tiny' cowboy hat.
so nana decided to make one.
or attempt to make one i should say.
and nu-nu was in pure heaven getting to
show reid some baseball tips.
he's been waiting years.....
another year down!
seriously will time EVER slow down??

carpe diem

Apr 28, 2011

Easter 2011

another first.
park's first easter.
does that mean next year i'll be starting
all my posts with,
park's second bla bla bla.
i hope not.

i took far less pictures than i anticipated.
pretty typical.
i did get one of him sorta sitting by his basket.

he should prolllllly be a model for target easter baskets.

and then he fell over....

we got a couple family shots in before heading to church.

can we say mini-me???

all in all we had a fabulous easter.
got to spend it with both sides of the fam.
of course i don't have pics to prove it
 but i'm not lying.
didn't get around to dying eggs.
i guess i can slack this year since pj has no clue what's going on
or what he's missing out on :)
soon i will have to get my act together!

carpe diem

Apr 21, 2011


after sitting in a closet for the longest time
we are finally getting to use
the highchair!

parker now bawls his eyes out when we leave the room.
so instead of listening to him howl
we've been putting him in his highchair
in the kitchen so he can see what's going on.
he loves it.
and so do i.

here's proof:

Apr 18, 2011


here's a peek at a typical saturday evening
at the pracht residence....

blinds open
sweet p chillin' in the highchair watching mommy cook
daddy doing yardwork
sanders trying to climb out the window.
ahhhh, pure bliss!!

carpe diem

Apr 15, 2011


here's a recap of my bay-bay so far!

i just can't believe how fast the time has gone!
and even though he's only in the 5th percentile,
he has TRIPLED his birthday weight in 6 months!

cheers to the second half of the year!

carpe diem

Apr 14, 2011

STATS and concerns

parker and i survived his 6 month well-baby dr visit.
shots = no fun.
but he was a champ. very few tears.
well actually no tears (he hasn't cried tears yet. weird, i know)
so first i'll give you his stats.

weight: 14lbs 7oz --- 5%
height: 25in ---7%
head circum: 15in --- 25%

doc says he's growing good!
he's obviously small
but still growing at his own rate and following the curve.
and he said park may jump and play catch up at some point,
or just stay small like his mom and dad.
and who wouldn't want to be like us, honestly?

here's his montly photo shoot pics:

and the chair
mentally he confirmed park's doing everything a 6 month old should.
holding/eating toys.
following them when they fall.
transfering from hand to hand.
preferring mom and dad to strangers.
and lots of other things i can't think of right now.

physically he is just slightly behind.
he isn't even close to sitting up which i mentioned before.
dr. R said he has weak core muscle strength.
in my terms,
he's too floppy.
which explains why he totally face plants
when we put him in the sitting position.
the doc broke the news that he probably won't be walking at his 1st b-day,
since he isn't sitting up now.
(daddy says we will prove the doc wrong)
he wasn't SO concerned that we needed to see a physcial therapist
or anything at this time,
but if he isn't sitting up at 9 months (our next visit)
we will reevaluate the situation and go from there.
(he wanted to wait until 1yr apt, i said no, we agreed on 9mon)
bascially the only excerises he told us to do was MORE tummy time.
which is hard since he almost instantly rolls to his back
when we put him on his tummy.
so more exersaucer
more bumpo
more just plain upright time.

so it was quite a blow to the heart yesterday.
i guess you just imagine your child being perfect.
(which he soo is to us)
but i seriously and naively thought my kid would be early at doing everything.
i also thought i'd have a girl first.
but that just shows that God has other plans for me.
and i gotta roll with it!

we couldn't be happier after having pj with us for the last 6 months.
it has been so much funner than i imagined it to be.
yes funner is a word.
crazy talk, but in a couple months i'll be planning his first bday party.

i'll be sure to post his progress.
he must have known i was stressed yesterday
because after we got home from my bday dinner with the fam,
he decided to roll over
for the first time!!
and did it again today for nana.
that makes it official.
he's so awesome,
couldn't ask for a better kid.

oh ya, he also has no teeth.
but there are two little white spots on his bottom gums......
and it's not gingivitis.

carpe diem

Apr 12, 2011

erica made the mistake of telling reid we were going to the park
when we were really going to the nature reserve to take pictures.
he hates to have his picture taken
and yells at me everytime i put it in his face.
so about 5 min into the photo shoot he starts asking to go to the park.
and then she drops the bomb, "this is the park buddy."
he says, "i wanna slide. i wanna swing. GO TO PARK NOW."
nice try E,
but we can't trick him anymore.
so we bribed him through a few more pictures
and then took both boys to a real park.
where nana and nu-nu met us.

 first time in a swing.

 chillin' like a villion

park eating a mum-mum at the park

carpe diem

Apr 11, 2011


my sister and i took the boys to this nature reserve
that plants thousands of daffodils every year.
we attempted to take some springs pictures.
here are a few that turned out.

 can we open nana's pool yet?!?!

carpe diem