Jan 26, 2011


that's what has been going on around our house lately.
a whole lot of nuttin' honey.
but i figured i need to post anyway,
to prove we haven't fallen off the face of the earth!

i've been playing catch up with this blog
since i started it after park was born,
but i'm finally up to date.
he's 3 1/2 months old
so we go for his 4 month well-baby visit on the 7th
and i'll be sure to report his stats.

on jan 10 he decided to roll over.
bam! my kid's a genius!
i haven't got it on video YET but i swear he did it.
and we thought it was a fluke,
but oh no, he's just that good.
daddy says it's only because his head's so big,
when he leans it one way his whole body just follows :)
i'll post a vid soon as we get our cheap-o camera working.

he also discovered his tongue last week.
we've been seeing a lot of this:

and this:
but surprisigly, no drool......yet

and then he found out....
he has hands!
it's like a bad car accident,
he just can't stop staring at them.

we've also been blessed enough to have a baby that developed a flat head
yah us!
before i became a mother,
i thought all those kids were from parents who never held them,
and just laid them on the floor all the time.
so not the case!
i mean, we hold him....like A LOT.

so i decided to document his lovely noggin.
but who cares about a stupid flat head,
i still so precious! :)
and loves me some shoe socks

carpe diem

Jan 20, 2011

January Bee-Days

so in my family we still get together for everyone's birthday.
and i mean everyone....cousins, aunts, uncles
you get the picture.
age doesn't discriminate present opening.
and those of you that know me in real life (not blog world)
tend to make fun of this from time to time.
"hey, wanna hang out saturday, or do you have another birthday?"
ha....you know you're just jealous you aren't in my fam :)

january is the month for matt and mark.
see, we do combine those that occur during the same month,
otherwise i think we'd be together EVERY weekend!

make a wish!

park enjoying the party

and a mad game of cranium!

january is also the month that my oldest and first nephew was born.
and we had the pleasure of going to chuckie cheese!
boo ya!
no honestly, it really wasn't that bad.
but man have things changed since that last time i was there,
i mean, no germ-infested ball pit...come on folks!

whew, playin' all these games wears a boy out!

carpe diem

Jan 18, 2011

3 months...

102 days
that's how old  my  our little man is today!
for reals?!
it seems like i've loved him for more days than that,
like we've had him at our home for for more days than that,
and in our family.
heck, i forgot what life was like for the last 25ish years before him!
so i'm trying to embrace the different stages.
i caught myself thinking - oh i can't wait until next year when parker's older...
it's already going so fast, i don't want to rush it.

when our pastor came to visit us in the hospital,
he and his wife gave us a good piece of advice.
and that's to enjoy every day with him at every age.
and don't let people convince you to dread the terrible two's
or the teenage years,
but look forward to them!
life's a journey!

alright so get to the good stuff, i know.
here's your baby fix for the day...you're welcome.
i'll let you love on him...alittle.

carpe diem

Jan 17, 2011

photo shoot

during maternity leave
my mom and i had a lot of extra time on our hands.
thank goodness she's retired and watching reid or i'm pretty sure i'd have gone crazy.
turns out i don't like to be cooped up at home alone all day.
so one day, we decided to have a photo shoot of the cousins.
sidenote: nana bought them matching christmas outfits,
erica and i swore we'd never do it to our kids,
we caved.
and they wore them, and they were presh!
(but we will NOT cave on our pact to never drive a mini-van)

so after almost TWO hrs, and lots of bribing
we did manage to get a couple....
props to all you photographers out there.
i'm obviously not cut out to do it.

sweet kisses...wonder how many years we can get them to do that....

where's reid??

so flippin' close to a good one.

                    PLEASE no more!

                                                             it's killing me!

here...have a candy cane :)

ok fine, were done.

carpe diem

Jan 14, 2011

christmas this year was unlike any other.
hello, we have a kid now!
and although he had not a clue what was going on and slept thru most of it,
i tell myself he loved it,
and loved being passed around our families
(and i must say, i didn't mind having a whole other set of presents to open..score!)

so here's a tidbit of p's first christmas

carpe diem

Jan 13, 2011

every year

we go as a family and cut down a real christmas tree.
this year, being the frugal family we have become after having a child
(oh my dad would be so proud)
danny was offered a free tree through his work.
real but pre-cut...boring!
but who can pass up anything thats actually free these days,
so he went and picked one out of a line up
and still went with my family to the tree farm to watch, take pics, and freeze our little a's off!

it was approximately 50 below the day we decided to go

If you look closely, dad's eyes are closed...shocker                                           

parker was thrilled...like he had a choice :)

carpe diem

Jan 11, 2011

park's 2nd holiday

was thanksgiving
now i am a fan of this holiday because it involves eating, a past time of mine.
we are blessed enough to live near almost all of our relatives
and get together with both D's side of the fam and mine.

here's the only pic i have of my son on thanksgiving.
told you i need to get better at this.
papa (park's great-grandpa) absolutely loves babies
i mean who doesn't, but he has a special touch with them.


parker also got baptized in november.
it was a special day for all of us.
our church has a new pastor and park was his first baptism! ya buddy!
we were both alittle nervous about how he would act up there,
but aunt erica did the bouncing that he likes, it's all in the legs,
and he only squeaked a bit.

and most importantly his cake, just kidding. not really.


carpe diem

P's first holiday

was halloween.
luckily for me he was born 3 weeks early (due date was the 25th)
because i'm not a huge fan of halloween.
don't really like to dress up...not a huge fan of candy.
i swear i'm not a total loser despite how it might sound.
i suppose in the coming years i will enjoy halloween through parker
(atleast thats what people say you do as a parent)

so apparently they don't make costumes in midgit size, so this was the best  we , nana, could find

and then he projectile vomitted on this outfit
but luckily nana had bought a back up.
daddy think he looked like a jailbird

but here are his cousins all dressed up, whoo hoo
i see lots of wrestling matches in our future.
(four boys under 4)

carpe diem

Here goes nothing!

hey all! and welcome to my blog! i am totally new at this so you'll have to bear with me.  my amazing friend brooke from work has opened my virgin eyes to the world of blogs. after stalking her page and many others who i don't even know, i've finally caved and started my own. the main reason is to help me document the beginning of our little family. i'm hoping this will motivate me to take more pictures and remember more events, because with this 'mom brain' i got going on...i need all the help i can get.

so lets start from the top:

i got married to my best friend(cheesy, i know, but true) on June 6, 2009
it was a great day to say the least. 
we began to live our happily ever after...
but when a man and a woman love each other things happen
and we decided to take it to the next level.

and dennn....on October 8, 2010 we became a family of three!
giving birth is easy-smeezy...see!

and there's mr. conehead himself
the fatty weighed in at 5lbs 3oz and 18 inches long
(gave him my height genes, sorry dude)

first family photo
wow, lookin' rough
so let me introduce danny junior aka parker joel pracht.
many more pics of him to come...stay tuned!

carpe deim