Oct 21, 2011

fall family photo op
 oh ya, and erica's belly
or pumpkin
and a random gourd pic to finish 'er off
successful pumkpin patch trip.
the end.
have a great weekend!

carpe diem

Oct 20, 2011

part 2

the pumpkin patch also had a little petting zoo.
parker had absolutely no fear of his hand getting eaten
by a baby goat.
my dad goes on to tell reid it's fine to stick his hand
in with the baby piggies.
this wonderful blurry pic shows that precious little piggy
eating reid's precious little fingers.
good advice nu-nu.
only a small meltdown of tears and a muddy hand.
parker played in his stroller for a bit
while reid climbed thru some hay bales 
in a sea of pumpkins....
showing me a rock 
trying to get a picture of these two together
is pretty near impossible.
reid's shoving a rock in his ear...
 parker's people watching
(no clue where he gets that)
 and he's outta here.

carpe diem

Oct 19, 2011

pumpkin patch

this year was park's first visit to the pumpkin patch.
last year he was like a week old,
and we were terrified to leave the house with him.
wow, almost forgot what that felt like.

he seemed to thoroghly enjoy it,
as much as a ONE YEAR OLD can i suppose.
it was alittle chilly that morning,
so he got to sport his new cardinals hat from cousin tommy.
ps check out that under bite.
ya his bottom teeth go in front of his top teeth when he bites down.
saving for orthodontist bills already.

i took a lot of pics and couldn't decide which to post
so here's a bunch.
nanny matt got screwed and had to pull the wagon.
have i mentioned uncle matt is his favorite?
like over anyone else (besides me of course)
lunges for him and even smiles when you say the name matt?
it's a sweet and interesting bond :) 
 they had a 'corn box' for the kids to dig in.

ill post some pics of the actual pumpkins tomorrow
and our fabulous attempt at family photos.
but i'm too lazy to do anymore today,
and i need to drag it out into a couple of posts because we've been
doing a whole lota nothing around here that's blog worthy.
peace out.

carpe diem

Oct 13, 2011

P is for Parker

was the 'theme' if you will.
along with teal and orange because i like those colors.
and i'm going to take advantage of picking everything before he gets to.
the party was on sunday, the day after his actual birthday.
luckily he has no clue about days of the week yet.
but unfortunately he was sick.
of course!
he'd been snotty and coughey and ridiculously clingly all week.

here's the snot i've been dealing with:
the morning of his party
so i debated taking him in friday but he never had a fever.
come to find out monday morning at his well baby visit
he has his very first ear infection
sad face.
horrible mother moment for making my kid suffer for a week.
suppose he's going to be one of those that doesn't get fevers often, like his mother
even though he's still sick.
needless to say,
he was such a trooper through the entire party though.
snacks included:
circus peanuts
pickle roll ups
decorations made by yours truly.
and the party arrives
patty cakin'
present time.
he totally surprised me and kept his attention long enough
to open all of them. 

getting some help from his brother-cousins

the cake he wanted nothing to do with.

i knew he was 'anti-food' but was still optimistic
he'd dig in his cake.

not so much.
these are the only 2 decent pics i got with is mini-cake.
forgot to do one here with me and d
and i'm still pissed about it!
so he smashed for approximately 1 min.
i tried shoving some in between his tightly closed lips.
no such luck.
then came the whining and begging for me to hold him again. 
poor thing looks sick with those dark circles under his eyes :(
 so as soon as he went do for his nap...
the bigger kids got to swing at a Pinata.
swinging so hard his eyes close :) 

youngest to oldest they each got a turn.

the crowd waits in anticipation...

and when you think it can't get any more hoosier
bring out grandma's cane! 

we ended the day with a game of
'how many people does it take to put together parker's slide?'

even though the cardinals lost,
the day was a winner in my book.
he got an entire winter wardrobe,
toys that will entertain him for hours (hopefully)
and great quality time with both sides of the fam.

happy 1st birthday sweet p!

carpe diem