Aug 31, 2011

i hate you food

i know that's what parker says in his head
everytime i strap him in his highchair.
yes we are still struggling to get
the dang kid to eat.
he now hates baby food and people food.
he picks and pokes
and refuses to let us put anything in his mouth.
and would rather eat a spoon.
very healthy plastic that is.
whatever dude.

carpe diem

Aug 29, 2011


it's monday.
i'm feeling lazy.

wish i was chillaxin' at home
with this cool dude


carpe diem

Aug 26, 2011

worst mother of the year award goes to...

how do i win such an award
you ask?
oh just letting my little man army crawl on our
need to be power washed and stained deck.
i mean i put a couple blankets down.
but he instantly went to the edge
to pick at the nails.
and in the process
managed to fill his tiny little forearm
with like 1000 mini-splinters!
i may or may not have had a
tiny panic attack.
i emailed our doc
(bc he's cool and does that)
who then told me not to worry
and they would work themselves out.
thank you baby jesus.
p.s. can you see my boobies?

carpe diem

Aug 25, 2011

embrace the camera

parker's favorite.
now it's your turn to
embrace the camera.
get out from behind the lense and get in the picture.
hard to do with little ones,
but they'll appreciate all the pics
WITH you in them.
atleast i tell myself he will :)

go check out her amazing blog
and everyone else that embraced today!

carpe diem

good-bye mullet

on park's 9 month birthday
if that even exists
he got to go get shots at the doc
and get his hair did!
fun filled day.

you see i tried to cut off his mullet myself.
with scissors.
i was too afraid of poking his eye out
since he doesn't hold still.
needless to say i called my bff hairdresser to fix it :)

here's a before pic
it was much worse than the pic shows.
he did way better than i anticipated.
no snacks, toys, or drugs needed.
totally kidding.
codie is that amazing and quick.
ever since his hair cut,
his hair has grown out of control.
so i did it again.
but this time with d's clippers.
in the sink.
much better results.
so handsome.


carpe diem

Aug 18, 2011

a blur

so many of my pictures are
starting to turn out like this.
does he not understand
i need him to hold still
while i take his picture?!
and this whole crawling thing...
ya, it doesn't just happen in the livingroom anymore.
he's discovered it takes him places.
and now i have a shadow wherever i go :)

carpe diem

Aug 17, 2011

the bottle

i'm getting nervous about breaking
parker from the bottle.
bc he's in love.
maybe he'll surprise me and transition really well.
who knows!
but we are having a struggle in the eating department.
struggle = he doesn't eat food.
only drinks a minimal amount of
water or applejuice out of a sippie.
which makes me wonder what he will
survive on after the ba-ba goes bye-bye.
we offer him multiple kinds of fruit and veggies
two or three times a day.
most of which ends up on the floor
or thrown away.
he only holds his ba-ba
for about 10 seconds into the feeding
because he's so into playing with his hair
his eyelashes
(he's pulls them just like his daddy)
my hair
daddy's facial hair.
or both at the same time.
it's quite frustrating and times
when all he does is fuss
and shove the spoon or food away.
drives me nutso!
but this too shall pass.

carpe diem

Aug 15, 2011

child labor

is it bad i can't wait til parker-man
can start helping out around here?!
fold that clothes boy!
and look cute while you're doin it 
it's about time he starts
helping out around here!

carpe diem

Aug 12, 2011

Houston we have a tooth!

two actually!
my lack of posting is to blame
for the annoucement delay.
his left front tooth arrived
july 17.
and righty came a week later on
july 28.
control your excitment.
getting a pic of this bad boy
has been pretty tricky. 
it's super private, ya know.

carpe diem

Aug 4, 2011


so i got a wild hair today
and gave my bloggie a makeover!
hope you like it
because i do.
pennant banners are soooo 2011!
maybe this will give me motivation to make one
for pj's birthday.
i'm so not creative and having
a tough time deciding what to do
for the big 1st birthday
which is only 65 days away.

carpe diem


we're working on it.
give mommy a drink.
let daddy have a bite.

not shove all your snacks off your tray
to share with sanders
our gi-normous puff eating cat.

who needs dogs anyways...

carpe diem

Aug 2, 2011


we have a walker!
oh no, not a human walker
but one of those walkers you're not supposed to put your baby in.
ya, one of those.
p's borrowing it from cousin reid.
he's only figured out how to go backwards in it.
this could be due to the fact that
his feet barely reach the floor?
or that he hasn't figured out how to put
one foot in front of the other yet?
his attention span lasts about 5 min in it
and then we get this face:
it's much  more fun to climb under it

wonder who taught him that.

carpe diem

Aug 1, 2011

cat whisperer

p has a way with animals.
or so he thinks.
he's still beyond obsessed with our cats.

and we discovered last weekend
his love for dogs too.
our cousin's dog bella
decided park's blanket looks oh so comfy.

maybe he'll become a vet someday.
now i just need someone in my family to be
a professional photographer
and a hair stylist and i'm set!

carpe diem