Nov 25, 2011

monthly part 2

and here are the calender ones.

hope you are sleeping off your
turkey induced coma today.
or getting in a cart fight at black friday.
watch out for the crazy coupon ladies!

carpe diem

Nov 24, 2011

thankful monthly pics

today's thanksgiving.
and today
along with every other day
i'm beyond thankful for my little man.
i'm thankful for how he's changed our lives
this past year.
i sat with my computer
and looked back through tons of photos i've taken
and seeing how much he's changed.
forgetting how small he really was!
and what better way to do that,
then with finally revealing
all those monthly pics i've been taking.
but i have to confess that i've totally dropped the ball on this one.
i was so good about taking
p's picture pretty darn close to the actual
day of his monthly birthdays.
that is,
 except for his 12 month ones.
i don't know why,
cold weather,
birthday party,
whatever it might be,
i swear to myself will take them.
even if they are secretly a month late.
and stick them in the huge missing spot.
i'll show you his chair ones today
because i like them more.
the calender ones didn't turn out as great as i was hoping.
come to find out that 9, 10, and 11 month olds
don't like to lay still on their back
and smile at the camera.
i'll have to come up with another cute idea
for the next one.
which i'm sure i can find on pinterest,
the best invention since slice bread.

ok i'll shut up now.
here they are:

can you believe how small
my little nugget was?!
so presh!
makes me wanna have another one....
in like 15 years.

carpe diem

Nov 23, 2011


matt doesn't have to share his birthday month.
the big 3-0 this year.
pretty much just a picture post.
first time digging for gold.
although this year the bday boy got put to work.
cleaning gutters,
pulling trees,
while we all supervised watched.

carpe diem

Nov 16, 2011

13 months

give or take a few days.
but who's counting?
here's alittle catch up as to what little man is up to these days.
he still hasn't mastered the walking thing YET
it's coming folks,
and then as soon as it does happen
 i'll be cussing myself out for wanting him to so bad.
he pulls up on everything and walks along the couch.
he pushes his walker around
but doesn't want to be IN it, just stand behind and push it around.

he absolutely obsessed with laundry and the laundry basket.
if he hears me go to switch clothes
he comes sprint army crawling in, stands at the dryer while i throw clothes in over his head
and then insists he sit in the basket with all the clean clothes.
i pray his love for laundry can continue for another 15ish years....

he finally started crawling like normal children do
on all 4's this weekend.
he does it kinda robotic and
d and i laugh because we are so used to the army crawl that this looks weird!
he has started throwing himself backwards from
the sitting position because we laughed one time when he did it
so now whatever it takes for us to laugh or cause an audience he does it.
i'm afraid we have a future jokester on our hands.

he's gotten alittle better in the eating department.
still only has 4 teeth and the top ones
are only about half way in.
we've finally got him to eat the few things that he will
but he so against trying new things
(no clue where he got that)
but i think he might finally be growing...alittle.
he's still wearing size 3 diapers and
12 month clothes (shirts and onsies)
6-9 month pants.
his feet are probably still a size 2.
we bought him some super adorable gray new balance tennis shoes
that are size 3 and too big
but they don't make them any smaller!
otherwise it's like newborn slippers.

he's becoming more verbal every day.
not in the respect of actually saying words
but his enunciation and grunts, if you will
are becoming obvious as to what he wants.
i can tell the difference between happy grunt,
sad grunt,
tired grunt,
whiney grunt.
you get the picture.
he's really into pointing as to what he wants.
showing us where he wants to go and what to do.
he loves opening and closing doors,
turning lights off and on.
and then proceeds to clap for himself.
so humble.

he's still very into books.
if i tell him i'll read him a book, he crawls over the the book case
and starts pulling down a bunch and crawls back over carrying one.
he definitely knows which he likes
and if you try to read one he doesn't want to look at,
good luck.
he can point out a couple different animals
and pictures that i ask.
and all the trains.

he's discovered his tongue
and has started saying 'la-la-la' and 'ga-ga'
and will stick it out when you ask where his tongue is.
and laughs when i stick mine out at him.
prolly not a good habit to start. but whatev.
he also laughs when he farts and burps.
such a boy already!

he knows where his mouth,
his feet,
belly button
(or i should say daddy's belly button. loves to lift d's shirt up and stick his finger in it)
his hair.

he's adjusted his schedule to only 1 nap.
usually about two hours.
mommy wasn't too happy about this
but we are dealing.
he still sleeps 12ish hours every night
as long as nothing wakes him up.
(noises, coughing)
if this happens, he's up for atleast 3 hours because he thinks it's morning!
that's been interesting after we have been so spoiled with him
sleeping all night for the past 6 months.

pretty sure i forgot to post his well baby
12 months (1 year?) stats.
he was 17lbs 12oz
which put him about 10%  BELOW the entire chart.
and he was only 26inches long
which was also below the chart.
although his huge noggin was like 20%.
and if they measure necks,
he would also be negative.
that head just sits right on his shoulders.

so that pretty much sums you up,
i swear mommy will get to posting your entire last year of monthly pics.
remember those?
on the chair and with the calendar?
ya i have them all,
just need to get organized and find them all.
one day when things slow down...

and just because i think it's illegal to do a post
without a picture
here you go.

carpe diem

Nov 11, 2011

christmas list

 we got our first christmas toy add
in the paper last weekend. 
and i was sitting in the livingroom
just looking through
trying to come up with gift ideas for parker
and his cousins.
he insisted we stay on the page
with thomas on it.
apparently he's into trains? 
he just kept pointing at thomas
and trying to pick him up off the page.
at such a young age....
already picking out your christmas presents.
a man that knows what he wants.
i like it.

p.s. i'm in a wedding this weekend.
whoo hoo!
and it's the celebration of one of my very best friends.
we've been bff's since SECOND GRADE!
we used to take baths together.
no lie.
i can't wait to be a part of such a special day for her
and couldn't be more proud to stand up
for such an amazing couple.
so...yah for weddings.
and yah for a free date night with the hubby.

carpe diem

Nov 10, 2011


it's amazing once you have kids
the bizzare and creepy things you'll do
just to make them laugh
or smile.

my mom takes him to a kinder music class
every wednesday.
this session he got a scarf
and an egg shaker thing.
and he absolutely loves this darn scarf.
it's funny on his head,
it's funny on our heads. 
he likes to pinch your nose thru it
and gauge your eye out 
you can pretend to be a bank robber
with panty hose on your face... 
all just to see this face.
well worth it.

carpe diem

Nov 9, 2011


the 2nd annual suttner hayride was last weekend.
this was the first we got to attend
being that parker was approximately 1 week old
at last years.
it turned out to be warm enough to sit outside,
we had enough chili and hotdogs to feed an army.

i know i say this alot,
but next year really will be so much more fun
that is if my kid decides to walk by his SECOND birthday.
not that we didn't have a super fabulous time,
bc it was so much fun getting together.
he's just at such a difficult stage to be outside.
doesn't want to be held
wants to get down but
still army crawls and drags his belly which doesn't work well on concrete or dirt.
so if we could get this walking thing down
we'll be golden :)

the walker helped alot
he got to play with carter
who's about 5 months older
and future bff.
casey put together a scavenger hunt for the kids
and audrey brought a pinata
got to use grandma's cane again!
i didn't take my camera on the actual hayride
holding park under a blanket was juggling enough.
but the kiddos had such a blast
and the adults might have too :)
can't wait to see everybody again at christmas!

carpe diem

Nov 8, 2011

Profesh Pics

a week after pj's official bday
we had his one year professional pictures taken.
Sara McDaniel  (who did his 6 mon ones too)
does such an amazing job.
you wouldn't believe the mood parker was in the morning of his pics.
remember the ear infection?
ya it wasn't gone.
we wiped snot 50 gazillion times between each shot.
so without further adieu....
here they are!!!

those two gi-normous bottom teeth
and that underbite...
to die for!

on the drive home d asks me,
"now we don't have to do these for another year right?"
he must have enjoyed himself that much.

carpe diem