Dec 30, 2011

christmas eve evening 
we went to d's dads house
for whole pracht side of the family.
i really wish we could have stayed longer
but parker goes to bed so early
which is usually super nice
but as much as i'd like to think he is adaptable to different situations
he really is a 'routine' kinda guy and
it's very obvious when he's tired and ready for bed
 even though the pictures don't show 
how crabby and sleepy my little man was.

oh, and his dads house has very poor lightly 
because they like to live in a cave in the dark with no light of day :)
i haven't had the time to edit them.
so they are all really grainy because i had to raise my ISO so high
because i didn't want to use my flash.
the photo gods will forgive me.
 this pic of braden is my fave!
so we changed park into his pajamas
thinking for sure he'd fall asleep on the way home.
not so much!
but he did pracitcally lunge out of my arms
diving head first into his bed.

two down,
two to go!

carpe diem

Dec 29, 2011

picture heavy post

christmas eve morning we started off with our usual
bananas and waffles.
breakfast of champions.
and then went to my parents house
for more present opening
and food consuming.
 somebody was way more interested in
climbing the stairs.
who might i add STILL isn't walking :)
 clapping for himself
so humble.
 found out somebody loves white choc
covered pretzels almost as much as his daddy
 the proud grandparents.
off to church 
and then next family gathering!

carpe diem

Dec 28, 2011

Christmas whirlwind

this will be the first of many xmas posts.
consider yourself warned.

it came and it went.
so fast.
it happens every year.
all the anticipation and planning
and excitement built up
and just like that, it's over.

parker thoroughly enjoyed himself
and was way more into opening presents than i predicted.
even trying to open many that were not for him.
we were so beyond blessed
with the amount of gifts being passed around.
so we started letting pj open some of gifts christmas eve eve.

the pool and balls was a b-day gift
but throwing the balls has become a very popular activity these days.
and we had to kill some time til daddy got home.

and shove our face over the vent.

 onto the present opening.

 a mr potato head
some new books
and clothes to complete
our xmas eve eve.

carpe diem

Dec 23, 2011


I'm getting more technologically advanced every day. Ive just discovered I can do posts from my phone! Score! So here's some recent pics I've taken with the 'ole iPhone.

Dec 21, 2011

alittle early prez

i'm such a little kid at heart.
and so is my hubs even though he won't admit it.
we are the worst at keeping secrets
and surprises
and presents from each other.

last night we  i
let parker 'practice' opening a present.
seriously folks,
he took like 10 min slowly picking off all the wrapping paper.
if we save them all for christmas it will honestly take HOURS.

d  got me a new lense for my camera
which i promptly 'unwrapped' it after the nice fedex guy left it
on my doorstep.
why would we waste pretty paper and not get to use
the new lense AT christmas.
and being the nice hubby he is
i convinced him what a great idea this was and he agreed :)

and he's my sweet p the night i got to try it out.

3 days
8 hours
42 min
and 21 seconds.....

carpe diem

Dec 14, 2011


i'm all about family traditions this year!
and another one that we've done since i was born
was going and cutting down a real christmas tree.
and since d and i have been married,
we've always done the same.

parker enjoyed this year much better than last.
wow, what a quiet
teeny tiny
little sleeping angel baby
 he used to be.
(and i can't believe people let me wear that hat in public)
this year was slightly different.
i got this 'hip hammock' from a girl at work.
it should be mandatory for all moms with
1 yr olds that don't walk.
i love it.
riding in a sled is WAY
more fun than riding in a stroller. 
nu-nu showing p how it's done

and there you have it folks.
another tree
fullfulling it's christmas destiny.

carpe diem