Mar 26, 2012

iPhone dump

if you're friends with me on facebook, you've probably already seen all of these. so just deal :)

Mar 23, 2012

the zoo

erica was on spring break
and it was my day off for the week
so she and her boys, 
plus me and pj
plus my mom and aunt di were down for the adventure.
this was our first trip to the zoo this year.
parker went once last year
but had no clue what was going on.
this time included LOTS of pointing
and waving.
at people and animals and even the trees.
 the elephants came really close.
 and even sucked up water
and spit it back out of his trunk.
 we went in to the butterfly house
while nana fed hayes a bottle.
i let parker out of his stroller for a bit
which meant crawling over the bench of course.
 and here's my attempt at a cute cousin pic....
and then we went over to the penguin house.
but didn't go inside bc there was a line
and we don't do lines.
they were out and about swimming
and jumping in and out of the water.
and the black bears were showing off like crazy too!
 erica and reid rode the carousel.
i got motion sick just watching
so unless daddy is along, 
pj gets the shaft and has to sit and watch.
sorry dude, but
you're on your own at six flags.
and then i took some pics of this random lady's hair
bc my mom liked her haircut 
so i played paparazzi while the lady snapped pics of her own kids.
 and i tried again to get a cute photo
of the boys by the flowers.
ya, not so much.
they chose to dig their fingernails in the dirt instead.
and lastly we had a picnic by our car
we all decided if parker could talk
he'd go home and tell his dad that was his favorite part of the day.
crawling around on the blankets
with his shoes off.

we got home and pj slept for 3 hrs straight.
i'd call that a successful day!

carpe diem

Mar 22, 2012


our weather has been so ridiculous!
like 80 degrees the first week of march, ridiculous.
and if parker had his way all the time
he would permanently move outside.
he's thrown his first official 'tantrums', if you will,
every time we make him come inside.
it's quite awesome!
but my point of these pictures were to show how cute he looked
wearing shorts and a t-shirt.
like i've never seen his bare arms or legs before!
he all the sudden looks like a grown up.
he was playing with his letters while we were waiting
for nana to pick us up to meet nunu for lunch at aldo's.
he seriously looks 16 years old 
standing there in his pumas.

carpe diem

Mar 21, 2012


parker and i got to babysit
cousin hayes last weekend while the daddy's worked 
on our lawns
and his mommy got to chaperon some painting at her school.
 when we have anyone come to our house
parker feels the need to show them
every single toy we own.
 so lucky hayes got to see all his books.
 parker thought it was hilarious making him smile
and coo at us.
so much so he had to get 2 inches from his face.
we had so much fun!
i think parker enjoyed being the 'big kid' for once.
although this iphone pic
proves he's not THAT much bigger.
they definitely don't look 15 months apart.