Jul 29, 2011

night night

i must say i have taught the little man
my mad skills for sleeping.
on average he sleeps 12 hrs a night.
the other day he slept 13.5!
new record.

and he's so beyond excited to see you in the morning.

yes i made him stand and hold on to his crib.
of course he can't do that on his own yet!

so ya,
i guess there's no real point to this post.
besides the fact that i'm bragging about how
awesome my kid sleeps.
this will now come and haunt me tonight.

carpe diem

Jul 28, 2011

talented or weird?

i'm convinced sweet p is part monkey.
he uses his feet has a third and fourth hand.
everyday. all day.
he crawls between toys, picks what he wants
and immediately rolls to his back
holds it up with both hands and feet.
since we he doesn't believe in milestones
he still can't transition between crawling
and sitting
so once he's down, he's down til i sit him back up.
and many times he plays with one toy in his hands
and one toy in his feet.
even the doc noticed at his 9 mon apt.
park was sitting on my lap holding those connecty letters things
as he dropped them
he stuck out his foot trying to catch them.
i didn't even notice and his ped said,
"did you see him just try and catch that with his foot?!"
ya...he's special like that.
can't pull himself up,
or walk,
but he has ape-like appendages!

carpe diem

Jul 21, 2011

baseball behind

cutest butt ever.
besides mine of course.

carpe diem

Jul 20, 2011

brother cousins

i have to share these pictures
of our attempt to get a decent photo of all three pracht boys.
ages: 5, 21/2, and 7 months

i guess this one will have to do!!
 triple trouble we'll call them.
buddies for life.


carpe diem

Jul 19, 2011

poor bunny

D's father has a garden that he chooses
to protect from wild bunnies that like to eat the plants.
on the evening of father's day
braden and gavin were begging to go play outside
in the approximately 115 degree weather.
so papa agreed to take them out and check on the veggies.

braden comes flying in the house demanding we come quick
to go see what gavin was doing.
and there he was
holding a dead rabbit upside down like it was no big deal!!
steph and i had a joint heart attack.
gavin was too young to have any sort of fear holding him.
but after braden saw our reaction he
of course wanted in on some of the attention too :)
and thus we have the fight over a dead bunny.
so proud
can't wait till next summer
when his bigger brother-cousins can teach him
how to carry around dead animals.

carpe diem

Jul 18, 2011

"you make my heart melt like a popsicle on the fourf of july"

parker's only other experience with fireworks
was at his first cardinals game
at about 6 months old.
pujols hit a home run,
the crowd cheered,
parker went into hysterics.
good times!
so i knew the fourf of july prolly wouldn't be his favorite holiday
at least not yet.
he couldn't stay awake long enough to watch the city fireworks at my aunts.
(i may or may not have made him go to sleep
before they went off because i knew he was going to flip out again)
we grilled and swam at my parents the next day
with their neighbors.
great weather. great food. all you need.
they live on a dead end street
so we hung out there all evening.
(no small children were hurt during our play with fire)
pop rocks are a must every year.
and parachutes 
looking slighly concerned 

in his jammies
sitting in the street.
not hoosier at all.
double fisting popsicles

maybe you'll be brave enough next year
sweet p.
it's ok though.
mommy used to cry at parades until she was
like 15 from the noise.

God bless america.

carpe diem

Jul 15, 2011

9 months

kinda crazy to think parker has now
been outside of me for longer
than he was inside of me....
ponder that for a min.

so lately the tides have been turning.
everyone and i mean everyone
used to say P looked like his dad.
to. a. T.
but now he's starting to get the...
"awww, you are looking more like your mommy every day"
from random people.
which i think is so funny
bc D and i look nothing alike.
(he's just one of those kids that you can't tell which parent he looks like i suppose)
but besides the looks he is unfortunately taking
after me in his growth pattern as well.

as you know park had his well baby visit monday.
glad to report he has grown!
just not too much.
here's the stats:
                           height - 26 1/2 in  -- 5%
                           weight - 16lbs 12oz  -- not on the chart, below 5%
                           head - 18in  -- 30%

so from his 6month visit he has only gained
and grown
but the doc was pleased.
he said he is following his own growth curve.
he is very patient and said as long as P is progessing
at his own pace he is happy to go along with it.
as are we!

he is officially sitting on his own.
finally started around 8 months or so.
he was actually army crawling at about 7 months.
why do things in normal order?

his new thing he just started doing is waving.
like on purpose.
and just as the dr walked in parker started waving at him.
perfectly on cue!
he was quite impressed to say the least.
(said most 1yr olds haven't mastered waving)
very proud mom moment.

thats about his coolest trick right now.
he does say 'mama'
and started using it right.
he kinda yells it at me when he wants to be picked up
and stiffens his arms and legs and points his toes.
it's hilarious really.

but he also knows how to do (as we call it)
when we pick him up he pats us on the back.
and we tell him to give the cats 'pat pat'
he will pat their back intead of grab a fist full of hair.
he is starting to understand what 'no' means.
he likes to crawl to the wii and dvd players to push buttons.
he understands it so much to turn around
and grin
and continue doing it.

his favorite activity at the moment is
definately chasing our cats.
he will army crawl in circles around our livingroom
as sanders slowly walks away just
before he gets to him.
p-man was actally panting the other night
he was so worn out from chasing them.

so i'm finally accepting
and embracing
the fact that he will do things at his own pace.
how he hasn't figured out how to transition from
crawling to sitting yet.
or how to cruise along the couch.
or how to walk holding our fingers.
but he will.
when he wants to.
and why would i want to rush it?

carpe diem

Jul 13, 2011

big boy

parker is finally wearing
the size clothes of his age.
and actually some even bigger than that!
so i went and got him some 12 month
big boy jammies.
he looks so grown up it makes me wanna puke.

and the army crawling is getting faster by the day

still has a sweet triangle-shaped head
and amazing hair
that grows in all directions.
he's mine.
and he's awesome.

carpe diem