May 30, 2011


horrible mother award goes tooooo
i gave park a lick of my popsicle.
but i'm pretty sure according to his face
i get the best mother in the world award.

yes i still eat popsicles
on a daily basis.
they have real chunks of strawberries in them
so they're good for ya!

please disregard the hot pink bra strap
and awful orange tank top.
yes we're still married,
minus the wedding ring from doing dishes.

he was teething.
it felt good on his gums.
atleast that's what i tell myself.
he's been teething for like 5 months now.
still nothin'.
but he gets sympathy and
 yummy licks from mom's popsicle.
yah for summer!!

carpe diem

May 27, 2011

just because

here's some pics of my little man.

just because.

carpe diem

May 25, 2011


parker not only looks identical to danny,
he is beginning to act
identical to danny.
which is fine with me because i kinda like d....alittle :)

sweetest pic ever.
including the flat head
and mullet.
love him.

carpe diem

May 24, 2011


cousin reid is being kind enough
to let sweet p borrow his jumper/bouncey thingy.
park is a pretty big fan of it,
but mommy loves it when she's trying
to get stuff done with two hands
and not a 15lbs leech stuck to my hip.

he's still a bit vertically challenged.

his attention span is approximately 30 seconds
but those 30 seconds allowed me
to switch laundry,
change his sheet,
go pee,
and brush my teeth.
yes, i'm that fast.
i don't lie.
thanks reid, dora and diego would be so proud you're sharing.

carpe diem

May 23, 2011

it's been awhile

so i haven't posted in a few days.
i thought the world was coming to an end
last saturday
and figured why spend my last days blogging?
my real excuse is lack of internet.
our modem decided to stop working
for a couple weeks
and the day our service guy was supposed to come
the red light turned green and magically started working.
it's a christmas miracle.

so while i've been away,
we have sure been busy.
i decided to take parker camping
with my parents and i.
(d was outta town fishing w/ boyfriends)
and by camping i mean
visiting for the afternoon while they stayed and camped.
i'm not that crazy you fools!

can you find the baby?

reid got to enjoy a popsicle...

while park had sweet tators.

lots of stroller rides
and playing outside.
then we came home and slept in our nice
warm, dry, and comfortable beds :)

carpe diem

May 11, 2011


a couple weeks ago
some friends of ours got married out of town.
it was our first night away from park.
i was alittle nervous about being gone for an entire 24 hrs from him.
but he was with my mom so i at least didn't have to stress about him
just if it'd miss him too much, you know?
well...we survived our time apart and
had some amazing adult / friend time together.

the wedding was outside
and the lucky couple couldn't have gotten better weather.

the beautiful bride and i used to work
together back in the day.
like back in the lifeguarding highschool days.
and the groom's been friends with danny since
they practically came out of the womb.
now that's small town usa. 

mr and mrs b!

 the 'ole one arm self portrait.

congrats to the happy couple!
thanks for getting married
so we could have a fun weekend away!

carpe diem

May 9, 2011

mother's day

yet another first, folks.
it's amazing how much more you appreciate your mother
after you have become one.
the stress
the joy
the happiness
the entertainment
and the struggle
a child brings to your life
is far more rewarding than i ever expected.
being that d's mother has passed away
far before her time,
makes us appreciate our time together here on earth
that much more.

the day was celebrated with the other mothers in my family
at my cousin's boyfriend's family's cabin
i had a fabulous day.
perfect weather for a little
'minute to win it'
mother's day game challenge.

and of course
the boys had to fit in some fishing

thanks babe.
for making my first mother's day so memorable
and for the bracelet
and the new camera lense.
and changing all the poopy diapers.
and encouraging me to be the best mother i can
you're the best :)

carpe diem