Jun 29, 2011


our last afternoon at yosemite
was absolutely gorgeous outside.
we spent some time laying in a field taking turns
looking at rock climbers through our 1 set of binoculars.
some people hogged them but i wont say names.

if only i had a fancy zoom lense
that could've taken pictures of the climbers.
(hint hint, babe)
but here we are in front of the mountain? cliff? 
whatever you call it
that they were attempting to summit.
el capitan.
and here's half-dome.
the other cliff those crazy hippie folks climb.
family photo op with
half-dome in the distance.
since i couldn't take any pics of the climbers
and while i was patiently waiting for my turn to use the binocs,
i snapped some of park.
they turned out to be some of my favorites of the trip!

carpe diem

Jun 27, 2011

my mom prayed

for bear.
you see...a couple summers ago we went to colorado.
and she confessed to us on the way home
that she had prayed we would see moose.
and we did.

one afternoon just my parents drove up to glacier point
while us car-sick folk stayed back at the house
so the boys could nap.
and they saw it.
a bear.

just digging for bugs.
ya know,
typical bear activites.

so she did it again.
she prayed the next day that we would see a bear.
we traded the next afternoon
and they stayed back with the boys
while we drove up the glacier point.
God answers prayers.
we got to see a mama bear
and God saves us from car accidents too.
because i almost killed us driving off the road
and into oncoming traffic
when danny yelled, BEAR!

so you try it.
pray all the time,
for whatever your little heart desires
and He will answer.

carpe diem

Jun 24, 2011

part dos

i think that's how you spell two in spanish.
anywaysss, i will continue on our never ending vacation.

while still in yosemite,
we drove on the curviest roads ever paved
to see the giant sequoias.
it's hard to put into perspective how
ridiculously huge tall these trees really are.

this is the roots of a tree that fell over.

park insisted on bringing his wizard stick
and cast spells along the way.

how rude of park to sleep on our hike! 
only living tree you can drive through...
i think.
something like that.

so then we came back to the house
had a little snack

reid pulled parker's arm outta socket a couple times...

we played our new fave card game
you should learn it.

i lost and had to eat a wagon wheel.
i apologize for ever giving them to you parker-man.
they taste like gar-baaage. 

nu-nu read some books....
and we called it a day!
the end - part dos.

carpe diem

Jun 23, 2011

part 1

the first half of our vacation was spent at
yosemite national forest.
my parents had been there a couple years ago
so luckily  they  my mom remembered where to go
and what we definately wanted to see.

but first we had to get there...
my dad did a lot of this on the plane...
and park did some too.
 flying ended up going waaaay smoother than anticipated.

i just won't tell you about the hour drive from the airport
to the house in yosemite west.
pj was beyond exhausted having had just 2 cat naps
while being held on a plane.
my dad isn't used to driving with a crying baby in the back seat.
he drove on 2 wheels
thru the curviest roads ever made.
longest hour of my life to date.

day 1 on our way down to the valley:
the clan.
dressed in the only warm clothes we took,
that we got to wear almost every day :)

'stroller hiking' to bridal veil falls

we had a picnic in the valley

but parker wanted to eat at yosemite falls
and we know he always gets his way.

slightly taller trees than we have

ok enough for today.
hope you enjoyed!

carpe diem