Sep 27, 2011


they don't really have a choice.
they will share spit
and germs
and toys
and food

and you will be best friends forever!
we'll make you :)

carpe diem

Sep 26, 2011

catch up

so i need to take some time
and talk about all the new things
our little man is doing.
i know the point of this blog is to help me post pictures
for memories
but also as a digital scrap book/baby book,
if you will.
i mean, how cool would it have been if my mom
had a blog when i was little.
getting to see the day to day pictures
and stories of me growing up.
i love looking at old photo albums and home videos
(that make me barf bc my dad can't hold still)
and maybe parker won't love them as much as i do
because he's a boy
but i'm hoping he will.
if not, then it's for me to look back on.
it's already crazy looking at old pics of him and how much he's changed.
so our little p-nut is 11 months.
and will be ONE in a mere 12 DAYS.
and become a toddler.
i'm just going to say it,
the time has just flown by.
i swear it feels like something just clicked over the weekend
and he now understands like
EVERYTHING we say to him
and follows commands like it's his full time job.
he says:
bye bye
ma ma
da da
i swear he says 'ya' when i ask him questions
tries to say light (and looks up at the ceiling)
he does SO BIG with only his right arm and touches his hair for some reason
gives whatever you tell him pat pat (his bottle, daddy's head, the kitties)
gives high fives (very gently)
grabs his whole face when you ask where his nose and eyes are.
pulls up on everything,
and is getting better at sitting down after pulling up and not just letting go
with his eyes closed and bracing for impact
still pretty far from walking and has zero balance on his own.
army crawls faster than any soldier i've ever seen.
and my fave:
he not only gives slobbery open mouthed kisses like his dad
he does it on his own now, not just on command.
and my heart melts alittle bit every time.
i'm sure there's lots more cool stuff he does that i'm forgetting
so i'm just pretty sure he's a genius.
but if he's not i'll love him anyway,
it'll just be easier if he's really smart and makes us millions of dollars.
totally kidding.
he has completely turned our world upside down.
and we wouldn't want it any other way.
right, D?

carpe diem

Sep 23, 2011

puh puh please

will you share your cereal with me?

super cute daddy-parker moment
i had to capture.
if only every day could be a saturday morning....

carpe diem

Sep 22, 2011

another one

our nephew gavin has an august bday too.
he decided on a transformers theme.
i'm going to have to study up
on who all these 'guys' are when parker gets older.
power rangers?
the hulk?
who are these people!
i feel so outta the loop.

birthday boy just alittle excited for cake
pj looking slightly concerned with grampa
great grandma's cane saving the lost balloon.
transformer mask!
cake, ice cream, presents!
it was a fabulous party.
happy 3rd bday to our little gav!

carpe diem

Sep 21, 2011

B-days galore!

august was a busy month.
many people decided to be born
years ago
 of course.

first up,
my big sis decided to turn the big 3-0.

i guess when you turn thirty you get kinda fat?
oops forgot she's PREGGO!
have i mentioned that?
hmm well she is!
with another little boy nugget.

this was a joint celebration with nu-nu.
and kevin
(who's bday is secrely in july)
parker deciding whose leg hair to pull
stranger danger going away?
we can only pray.
park and nu-nu doing alittle rassling.

carpe diem

Sep 5, 2011

old: dr apt, wedding, 'eatyou' face

a collaboration of old pics:
9 month dr visit
an old highschool friend got married.
i have beautiful friends. 
this is park's
'i'm going to eat the camera' face.
in his adorable blue polo
that brings out his eyes.
minus the tornado that apparently struck our livingroom
and his creepy blurred right hand.

pure randomness.

carpe diem

Sep 1, 2011

the lake

some friends and us went to d's
father's lakehouse.
boys did some fishing.
girls did some chatting.
sweet p did some stroller riding.
and had a snack while naked
he's eating folks!
i had to take like 50 ga-zillion photos
since it never happens.
i suppose he'll live on oxygen
and cantaloupe.

carpe diem