May 23, 2012

debate and update

it's been a while...
i've been debating with myself whether or not to quit the blogging.
it's just a lot of work.
thinking of stories and things to write,
editing or picking out pictures
finding time to do it.
do i sound like debbie downer or what?

since almost the first year of posts got wiped out
when i accidentally deleted them from my picasa account
ive just been annoyed. 
and since i only really do it for my own personal memory
i just wonder
will i ever really look back and read this blog?
will parker even read it or care?

i debate whether to just make a commitment to upload all my pictures
from my camera to my computer REGULARLY
and get them printed off and into albums REGULARLY.
because i haven't printed a pic in over 6 months.
although that wont have all the funny and cute stories to go along with them
i thought i could start writing them down in a journal/book type thing.
but will i really do that either?
i've haven't decided what i'm going to do so i'll just shut up and update!

quick recap of our last 2 wks:
--went to a surprise 30th bday party my bff threw for her hubby.
and it was actually a real surprise! so much fun in such a little time.
parker was with his cousins so we had to pick him up before bedtime.

--had mother's day at my cousin's boyfriend's dad's clubhouse.
could not have had better weather. it was gorgeous.
got to play more 'minute to win it' games!
erica sucks and won them all...again. i'm sure it's rigged.
danny got me (us) and ipad. i was totally shocked which is fun 
bc we haven't gotten each other surprise gifts in years.

-- got a call from parker's neurologist saying all his bloodwork was completely normal!
yah! but then he suggested we go ahead with the MRI 
bc there are countless things they could tell seeing images of his brain
that can't be diagnosed thru blood work.
d originally vetoed. we discussed with pj's pedi (who i now love even more)
we decided to go ahead and suck it up and do it, for parker's sake.
the longer we waited and older he got the more scared he'd be and the more he'd remember.
we didn't want to live in the 'what if's' for months/years to come.
we didn't want to pass along something to another child if we could help it.
the scan was scheduled for the next monday.

--went camping at johnson shut ins with a bunch of the fam.
parker loved playing in the shut-in's and being outside non stop.
realized camping is so much more work as a mother than as a child.

--took parker for his MRI and didn't even cry. go me.
he hated the nurses and wanted milk. then they gave him the happy meds
before we even left the room and he was giggling out of this world.
i asked if i could borrow some for our drive to FL in a month. 
he was only out for about 45 min. and woke up as they were wheeling him
back into the room.
he wasn't a fan of waking up out of anesthesia.
the nurse said it felt like when you're drunk/hungover and dizzy 
and can't get comfortable. poor thing. that's the worst feeling ever.
or so i've heard.
once his brain woke up he was mister chatter box.
instead of sleeping the entire drive home he talked, like a little old drunk man.
his eyes were half open and he took 'roll call' the whole time.
that's when he asks about every member in our family
and i have to tell them where they are all and what they're doing.
he was a little unsteady the rest of the day
but ate like a horse after his 3.5 hr nap and acted like nothing ever happened.
then at 11am only 2 hrs after we left his neuro called and reported that all was
completely NORMAL! ptl!
 so we're done with all tests. ever. ever.
apparently he's just going to be the cutest,
most uncoordinated child there is.
and we're totally ok with that.

--getting ready to open my parents pool this weekend.
and go to a bunch of memorial day bbq's.

--and i'll leave you with the funniest pictures ever.
my sister and i drew mustaches on the boys 
for a mother's day present for my mom.

p.s. i'm not re-reading this for typo's.
i'm such a slacker.
carpe diem


Rachel said...

Don't stop blogging! Just take random month-long (or longer) breaks, like me!! :-)

Praise God about the results of all the tests!!! I've been wondering how things are going with lil P! So good to hear!

Sammi said...

Me holding my belly laughs in while sitting at work must continue. You cannot, CANNOT, stop blogging!

Lauren said...

Agreed, don't stop. You'll look back and be sad. I know whatcha mean though.