May 30, 2012

ice ice baby

we went 'cabin camping' two weekends ago
at johnson shut-ins with the extended fam
(sisters fam, parents, aunts uncles and grandpa)
 i remember going there a lot as a kid growing up
and last year the dam gave out and millions of tons of water
rushed through the entire place washing it all out.
so they rebuilt the entire camp ground and added some cabins
which are awesome because they're brand spankin' new
only down fall was they don't have running water.
otherwise it's the way to go!
we couldn't have gotten better weather.
it was hot during the day so we could go down to the shut ins and it felt 
pretty good to get in the freezing cold water
and cool enough at night to need a camp fire.
i discovered i'm not quite as agile climbing on all the rocks
 as i was 15 yrs ago when we were there last.
it sucks getting old.
sadly enough, the ONLY pictures i have
to show for the ENTIRE weekend are these few i took
of parker playing with the ice in our cooler.
way to go me!
but seriously how adorable
are his little piggie toes in these sandals.
we decided this was kinda our trial run for our florida trip.
granted this was only a 2 hour drive,
but parker totally passed the test and did great.
i had to drive bc the roads are super curvy and i get super car sick.
so danny has decided he wants to drive the entire
way to florida so i have to be the one
getting snacks, drinks, toys and whatever else parker demands.
we'll see  :)

carpe diem

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