May 8, 2012

19 months

today is parker's 19 month birthday.
which means that he is closer to being a 2 year old
than he is to being a 1 year old.
i don't see how this is possible,
i guess because he still seems like such a baby to me.
maybe the fact that he is so small
and still crawls everywhere
and doesn't talk in english a whole lot
that i can't imagine in a few short months i'll being telling people
i have a 2 year old.

today is 2 wks since he's had his blood drawn.
the neuro told us he'd call if anything came back abnormal,
but if we didn't hear from him in 3 wks to give him a call.
i debate with myself everyday whether to call
or just wait it out.
i haven't called yet.
i did e-mail his pediatrician this morning though,
to see if anything that he ordered was back.
haven't gotten a reply yet.

my miniature 19 month old seems to be really growing a personality.
he's such a goofball and tries to make people laugh all the time.
he's getting so much better with stranger anxiety.
now it's more of a shyness when people say hi that he doesn't know,
but pretty quickly he warms up.
he waves and says HI to the checkout ladies at walmart every week.
HI has become his favorite word this week for some reason.
he says it in all different ways when we're riding in the car as he's staring out the window.
when we went camping with my parents a couple weeks ago,
he let me uncle and another camper friend
carry him all over the place with us not in sight.
this was a first.
and it was amazing!

he is still loving his little animals
and has been refusing to go to sleep until he's holding TWO puppies.
he stands in his crib and waits while i search the house for them
pointing and telling me, "PUP, PUP"
and quickly lays down and falls asleep once he's got 'em.

he's learned how to rip a toy out of my hand and yell "MINE"
he's going to be the worst sharer ever. (if that's a word)
danny does this to him all the time:
he plays with a toy and waits to see how long
it takes parker to come over and take it from him.
no matter what he always wants what we are playing with.

he's finally tall enough to climb up on the couch by himself
to watch a little cartoons
and i can leave him there without fear of him falling off
bc he's pretty good at knowing to turn around on his belly to slide off.
(for the most part. our knew hardwood floors are quite slick)

he's in quite a wide range of clothes right now.
he wears 12 month shorts and t-shirts
but 18-24 month onesies and pajamas.
he wears all size 4 shoes even though they are still a little big
and he only wears them in public so he doesn't look like
a little orphan baby.
he hates the way sandals feel without socks on
so he rips them off as soon as we get in the car.
he's so going to be one of those kids that cries until this sock 'feels good.'
i can see it already.

he loves to be go on walks in his stroller
and to just be outside as much as possible.
he crawls on his hands and feet with his butt up in the air
since the concrete hurts his knees.
he loves his little pool and water table.
i can't wait to see how he does in my parents pool.
i laid him back in the bath the other night
with his ears under water, just to see what he'd do.
and he just laid there and stared at me like,'what are we doing, mom?'
he doesn't seem scared yet...which scares me :)

he has a slight obsession with lawn mowers.
anytime he hears one, he sprints to the windows to see if he can find it.
daddy is becoming his close buddy
and he cries when daddy leaves,
even if it's to just go outside and cut the grass.
he stares out the windows and waves every time he drives past.
last week we sat in the driveway so he could watch him mow
because i couldn't get him to calm down.
he was in heaven just sitting in his little lawn chair on the driveway.
but once we put him on the lawn mower to go for a ride
he didn't seem to thrilled.
he didn't cry, but just sat there with a very serious look on his face the whole time.

 this past week he has started eating, for some odd reason.
the other day when i got home from grocery shopping
i was washing and cutting up all the fruit i bought
and he stood at my legs whining for a bite, so i gave him a piece.
and for some reason he stood there and 
probably ate 8 pieces of strawberries! i was afraid he'd get a stomachache
if i gave him anymore.
and the other night d was feeding him dinner
and the only thing on his plate he would eat was the banana
so he kept cutting him up more.
the kid ate 3/4 of an entire banana!
let me remind you that i've given him banana at some meal every single day
for at least a month
and he wouldn't touch it.
whatever dude! i guess it's true that they'll eat when they're hungry?
unfortunately he's developed a bit of a sweet tooth.
the boy loves his little fudge striped cookies,
and ice cream cones,
and iced animal crackers.
even though i stress about him to eating all the healthy foods,
some days i feel like he needs any extra calories i can get him in!

he still thinks peek a boo is absolutely hilarious.
like poking your head out from around the couch.
or he loves when we pretend we're asleep
and then wake up real fast,
he just dies laughing and slams our head back into the pillow to pretend again.
he still has the most infectious laugh
that nobody can ignore.

so i guess that's my little man in a nut shell
at 19 months old.
there's always stuff i think of later that i wish i would
have written down (or typed out) that i know i'll want to remember.
but i've run out of time to sit and think.
so here's to the next 5 months going very, very slowly :)

carpe diem

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